Adem Macha S.L.

”Your consultancy office, for you and your home, for Jávea and surroundings”

Our office provides general services and is a source of specialised information regarding tax and insurance policies.

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Adem Macha is a small gestoria specializing in insurance and taxes. We have been taking care of these matters for residents and non-residents in Jávea and surroundings for over 30 years.

You can also contact us for legal advice, notarial and municipal matters and small renovations.

Maintenance of the house, garden and swimming pool can be arranged by us.

For daily small problems we try to find a solution so that you can enjoy your Spanish stay without any worries.


Adem Macha knows the best expert to solve your problem.
Come and see us and we will show you how!

ADEM Macha S.L.

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